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Touch control

The touch PLC is equipped with a 5.7" TFT display and is designed both for vertical and horizontal installation.

In addition to the touch function, 4 freely configurable short-stroke keys that light up in colour are available. A powerful processor of the latest Cortex A8 generation ensures sufficient computing power. Thus, in addition to visualisation, control and communication tasks can also be handled.

Connectivity is ensured with Ethernet, USB, CAN, RS232, RS485 through extensive protocols, such as TCP/IP, FTP, BACnet, OPC UA and a CANopen master/slave.

16 inputs and 16 outputs are available for digital signals. Additional IOs can be integrated into the system by means of the fieldbus connection.

The system offers a web server for diagnosis and remote maintenance. The server offers access to the web visualisation via corresponding authorisation levels, with numerous diagnosis options.

In addition to CODESYS, a QT–based development environment is also available to the user for project planning.

Thanks to extensive connectivity, performance reserves and the various tools, there is sufficient flexibility to use the touch PLC for a wide variety of tasks in mechanical and plant engineering as well as building automation.

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