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Open source

In the programming environment of embedded solutions, LARsys-Automation uses open source solutions such as Eclipse or Qt Creator, in addition to CODESYS.

The advantages here are obvious. On the one hand, there is the opportunity to adapt the software and implement new practical features. An open source solution is an ideal tool, as we and our partners can adapt it according to their requirements. On the other hand, there is a large number of fora and communities in which a wide variety of problems have already been dealt with. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, our customers are not tied to a specified software. There is thus flexibility and we can convince our partners with a high level of technological expertise and not with hidden obligations. The fact that no licence costs are incurred with open source means that considerable costs are saved.

In summary, a powerful development environment is available to our customers free of charge that is absolutely convincing in terms of quality, flexibility and investment security and that gives our customers a considerable advantage.


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